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...Alexis the Dream of Gaja...

Ziro Tergy

Dialynne Cassock Dialynne Tolliver of Tragband Soloman of Dialynne
Tragband Sweet Bird of Youth
Konstanza Cascade Soloman of Dialynne
Dialynne Honey Konstanza
Sandy Tergy Bar Atlantic´s Zenith Monarch of Korwin
Chrarmin Rainbow of Justine´s Pack
Bar Atlantic´s Amber Magic Korwin Mayday
Bar Atlantic´s Umber Rose

Bonnie the first Catulus

Shelaft Billy Whizz of Dialynne Storm Away of Dialynne Dialynne August
Excitat Willow the Wisp
Bianchi Acorn from Buttermere Dialynne Finalist
Buttermere Crosus
Snugglewood´s Olka Daragoj Country Classic Clarion Crystal Fire
Daragoj Lovenote
Daisy Hills Mondaene Maerke Daisy Hills Celebre Cyrano
Daisy Hills Pyntelige Primula

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